Blowing up Fingers!

To get an idea of how our models will behave once printed, a Finite Element Model Analysis (FEA) was conducted with the gripper-finger models. This analysis is a non-linear regression model, which can simulate quite accurately large and complex deformations in materials, under complex load applications and boundary conditions. As we do not know the right material properties just yet, we have applied representative figures for the properties. This is to get an idea on how the bellow shapes will behave in reality (i.e. to know if we can expect a bending motion or a stretching etc.)

Right now, one simulation was done to test how well the simulations work. This simulation can be watched below. It should be noticed that the program does not take self inflicted collisions into account yet. This means that the solid can intersect itself when blown up, which would in reality induce more deformations in bending direction for this model.

Screenshot of a FEA in CATIA

Screenshot of a FEA in CATIA

Animated GIF of FEA

Animated FEA in CATIA