Science Fair

The project started off with the creation of several objectives. These objectives have shaped the contents of the project in several major ways which will be described further below. but first a general review of the workflow during the project.

The objective to create a torque resistant material:
With the connex pinter we could make use of printing more materials in one print. Using this fact the main focus of the tests was to make the finger move more human by making it torque resistant. After some trial and error the added shape of a double helix in the design seemed to be the most effective of all the tests.

The objective to create a more humanoid feeling:
Because of the fact that the project had to be based of the pneumatic technique that was also used in the original project it was rather hard to create a humanoid feeling. specially with the added boundaries the connex printer added with material properties restrictions. because of all those problems the creation of a humanoid form was scrapped in favor of the functionability of the gripper.

Multi-material printing has a great potential to improve soft robotics in functionality and interaction. Due to the composition of the materials, functional components can be create in one print with unique material characteristics. Although it is warranted that one should be careful with the use of the materials as for example the materials from the Object500 Connex are very brittle and can break quite easily. The removal of support material can be quite an issue, however water soluble support material is in attendance and should ease the development of soft robotics with multi-material printing and enable the designer to print even more complex geometries.

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